The 2022 D20-LTIC Summit took place in Bali, 14-16 July 2022. D20-LTIC members met for their annual Steering Committee meeting as well participated in the second edition of the G20 Investors Dialogue co-organized by D20-LTIC, OECD, GIH and the Indonesian G20 Presidency.

The D20-LTIC Summit took place on the 14-16 of July in Bali, Indonesia.

The Club, currently made up of 25 international financial institutions with the aim of enhancing the role of financial institutions with a public and/or development mandate, will meet during the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meetings to make its contribution to international policies relating to infrastructure financing.

The activities kicked into gear on July 15 with the G20 Infrastructure Investors Dialogue 2022, which saw the D20-LTIC as one of the organising institutions together with the OECD, the GI Hub and the Indonesian Presidency of the G20. Taking place from 1.15 pm to 5.35 pm (WITA), this event constitutes the main moment of dialogue between G20 Member States and their stakeholders in the area of ​​financing for sustainable infrastructures in particular in developing countries. The Dialogue will also be broadcasted through the official Indonesian Minister of Finance’s youtube channel, while the event booklet which includes the updated agenda, concept note, and the bios of speakers and moderators can be accessed here.

The D20-LTIC Steering Committee is going to follow from 6.45 pm to 8.45 pm (WITA). This is the annual summit-level meeting that aims to contribute to the agenda and conclusions of the G20 Finance Ministerial. Among this year’s deliverables can be found the admittance in the Club of two new members, the Greek Hellenic Development Bank and the Indonesian PT SMI, the renewal of the positions of President and co-President of the Club and the presentation of the 2022 Joint Statement co-signed by D20-LTIC, B20 and T20.

The D20-LTIC Summit is also an opportunity for bilateral meetings among club members and stakeholders from G20 countries to explore new global opportunities for collaboration.

2022 Investors Dialogue Agenda_11072022

2022 Joint Statement B20_D20_T20_approved

recording of the Infrastructure Investors Dialogue on YouTube

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